Guidelines for authors of academic full papers and doctoral school full papers



Dear authors,

We have had an excellent response with over 300 abstracts submitted for the 7th International Conference on Building Resilience, to be held in Bangkok Thailand from 27th to 29th November 2017. Below we provide an update on the next stages of the full paper submission, peer review process and registration details for Academic Presentation, Policy and Practice Presentation, Doctoral School, and Poster Competition.


Submitting your full paper


Academic Presentation


Policy and Practice Presentation


Doctoral School 

We have received a large number of full paper submissions, including from students. Although we offered a separate Doctoral School Proceedings option for registered doctoral candidates as an alternative to the Elsevier Procedia Engineering, the uptake for this option has been extremely low. The large majority of registered students have elected to publish in the Procedia Engineering. Based on the reviews by the Scientific Committee, we have also found that, in general, student papers are of a suitable quality for the Procedia. As a consequence, we no longer feel it is viable to publish a separate Doctoral School Proceedings – the number of papers would be very low, devaluing the publication and associated papers.

We are therefore encourage you to switch your paper to the Procedia category, with accepted papers being published in an issue of the Scopus indexed Elsevier Procedia Engineering. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to accept papers for a Doctoral School Proceedings.

If you are willing to switch to the Procedia category, we will need your manuscript to be formatted as described for Academic Presentation above. 

Please note that the Doctoral School will still run during the conference and if you wish, your paper will be programmed for presentation alongside other doctoral student papers.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but the organising committee feel that this is the preferred way forward to ensure that Doctoral School papers are not disadvantaged

Poster Presentation


Conference venue



International Conference on Building Resilience organising committee