Keynote speakers for the 7th International Conference on Building Resilience 2017




Professor Sujeeva Setunge

Deputy Dean, research and innovation, School of Engineering,
RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

Enhancing disaster preparedness by building resilience of critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure provides life line services to the community before, during and after a disaster. Well managed resilient critical infrastructure plays a vital role in reducing the impact of disasters on the community. The decision making process for ensuring resilience of infrastructure requires vulnerability modelling of the aging systems under variable hazard intensities and interfacing the outcomes with the level of service required by the infrastructure at a given point in time. The paper presents the vulnerability modelling of critical road structures under different hazard intensities and a prioritisation model that can be adopted by the authorities for strengthening and retrofitting. Hazards covered include flood, bush fire and earthquake loading. Prioritisation of structures is undertaken through an integrated approach combining social, environmental and economic aspects of the disaster impact. The methodology can be implemented for other types of critical infrastructure as well.