Registration deadline for delegates with Procedia Publication


Please note that the registration deadline for delegates with Procedia publication is FRIDAY 6th October 2017, as we will need to confirm and submit the papers to Procedia for the publishing process. Please notify Dr Ezri Hayat ( ASAP if you find any difficulties in the registration process and/or in meeting the registration deadline.






Guidelines for camera-ready papers for academic papers and doctoral school papers


Dear authors,

If your paper has been accepted as it is or with minor revision only, you can now proceed to submit your final version (i.e. camera-ready) paper in accordance with the guideline below. Please do not proceed with the camera-ready submission, if your paper requires resubmissions (major correction). If so, you will need to resubmit your paper for review in the first instance. 


Submission of camera-ready paper

This guideline is intended for camera-ready paper only. 

  • Please go to the submission portal, and login using your account detail.
  • Click the paper button button next to your paper title to proceed to your paper status details.
  • At your paper status page, please go to 'paper details' section, and click 'Upload the Camera Ready paper' button next to your 'camera ready' information.
  • Please type in your most up-to-date abstracts in the provided space. Do not leave this blank. As you may be aware, we are doing a Conference Book of Abstracts also and we will use the infromation you provide in this space for this purpose. So it is very important that you make sure you have provided the latest version of your abstract. 
  • Upload your paper only in word document format  by clicking the 'choose file' button. Please make sure that your paper is written using the camera-ready template provided and meets the requirement as set in the author guidelines. The requirements include strict 8 page maximum limit imposed by Elsevier, the Procedia publisher. All figures must be properly cited and please make sure you have written permission from the source, if you are using others' art work.
  • Once the camera-ready paper is uploaded, you will see the summary page of your paper, including the option to upload your presentation when it is ready. You can upload your presentation at a later time by logging-in to your account.
  • You may now proceed to the registration page.